Tuesday, June 8, 2010

News/New Project

As most of you know, the past 3 years & almost 2 months has been pretty tough. I've had 11 surgeries since May 2, 2007, 5 of which were for HS (Hidradenitis Suppurativa), a disease I've been dealing with & managing fairly well since I was 21 & in college. But for whatever reason, 3 years ago it decided to progress to Stage III, and it's only gotten worse since. Of course, in true Lambert style, I've also hit a few other speed bumps along the way, like appendicitis 6 weeks after the 1st surgery (Go Me!!!) & then gallbladder removal in January 09 that's given me nothing but more problems than I had before I had it removed, hence the other 4 surgeries.

Since I have lost 3 jobs due to these illnesses, unable to continue working, lost my COBRA medical coverage August 31, 2009 and have been forced to rely on Carelink, our county's "welfare" medical coverage, I decided I would document my experience, both as someone going through the "public option" as some might call it & as someone who is fighting a disease with no cure, that no one really cares about, is quite embarrassing & needs funds for research.

I'm not a professional writer, and English was never my favorite or best subject. I am anal about a few things grammatical like there, their & they're, your & you're, valeDictorian NOT valeVictorian, and NEVER end a sentence with a preposition, but please don't expect perfection, because you won't find it here. :)

So, please, if you have time, take a look at my new blog, HS & Me!!! http://hsandme.blogspot.com

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