Sunday, November 22, 2009


Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and grieves which we endure help us in our marching onward.

By Henry Ford

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Clock

One of my sisters sent this to me in an email, and I think it couldn't be closer to the truth.

The Clock

God doesn't give you the people you want; He gives you the people you NEED... to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.





One Flaw In Women

Women have strengths that amaze men.....

They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy.

They smile when they want to scream.

They sing when they want to cry.

They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous.

They fight for what they believe in…They stand up to injustice.

They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution.

They go without so their family can have.

They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.

They love unconditionally.

They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards.

They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding.

Their hearts break when a friend dies.

They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they

think there is no strength left.

They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart.

Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you to show how much they care about you.

The heart of a woman is what makes the world keep turning.

They bring joy, hope and love.

They have compassion and ideas.

They give moral support to their family and friends.

Women have vital things to say and everything to give.


**Please pass this along to all your women friends and relatives to remind them just how amazing they are.

Jon & Kate Plus 8

As those of you who are really close to me know, “Jon  & Kate Plus 8” is one of my favorite shows.  Those kids are too cute!!!  As of late, I’ve started following a blog called “Jon & Kate Plus 8 Gosselin Fan Site”.  It is an EXCELLENT site for everything J&KP8, and for the most part, it’s positive.  A lot of the people who post there aren’t the biggest Jon fans, but who is these day, right?  The thing I like about it the most, though, is the amount of respect everyone has for each other & the way BabyMama (site owner, webmistress, Blogger, administrator, whatever you want to call her) runs the site, as well as the way she monitors the comments.  Unlike one of the hate sites out there that has a laundry list of rules about what you are allowed to post, which completely contradicts what they do to Jon & Kate, BabyMama “performs” her role as “comment monitor”, if you will, better than on any other site I’ve ever seen.  The hate site also has a rule #2 states, “Do not be rude to other posters or call them names,” yet there are MANY “members” of that site who constantly harass the people who post on “Jon & Kate Plus 8 Gosselin Fan Site”.  But, I digress… as usual.

Since I couldn’t sleep (still awake from Tuesday), I decided to take a look at the latest comments on “Jon & Kate Plus 8 Gosselin Fan Site”.  When I did, I saw a comment by BabyMama that read as follows:

I have to say, there was many a mention on the hate sites about Kate saying "Kate Minus Jon" at The Ronald McDonald House and she made a few comments throughout the show about his behavior..Ohh please Jon WAS never there anymore except when he had to be, and they were going though a painful separation. GET OVER IT! The big stink everyone made a few months ago aboutthe kids not wanting to film..they wanted to go into the pool that day..big deal..ugh people make a big deal over nothing.

Once I read that, it got me thinking, and I had to post.  What you will read next is exactly what I posted.  It includes when I just included, but I feel it’s necessary to include so not to interfere with the fluidity of the post.  Besides, between being tired & all the allergens in the air, my eyes are burning like someone struck a match and set them on fire.  No bueno!!!


Baby Mama said:

I have to say, there was many a mention on the hate sites about Kate saying "Kate Minus Jon" at The Ronald McDonald House and she made a few comments throughout the show about his behavior..Ohh please Jon WAS never there anymore except when he had to be, and they were going though a painful separation. GET OVER IT! The big stink everyone made a few months ago aboutthe kids not wanting to film..they wanted to go into the pool that day..big deal..ugh people make a big deal over nothing..

“GET OVER IT” is the understatement of the year!!!

As I’ve said before, I’m not big on passing judgment on people, especially those I don’t know, and one thing I try really hard to do is see things from other people’s point of view in order to understand where they’re coming from, BUT there comes a time when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!  I’ve read a lot of the stuff these people post on one of these hate sites, and it blows minds mind.  What’s worse is that there’s very few things in this world that surprise me anymore.  Yet, if I want to be surprised by human behavior I know exactly where to go.

As someone who has gone through divorce within the last year, I can totally relate to Kate saying, “Minus Jon,” and all of the other off-hand comments she’s made.  MANY people deal with pain by using humor and making jokes  In her mind, I’m sure, that’s how she sees what she’s doing.  I did, and do, the same things, and we had no children, nor has our life & divorce been played out in front of the entire world.  It has someone been “played out” in the world of Olympic Speedskating, but that’s a totally different story all together, and no where even close to the number of people Kate has to deal with.  But I’ll tell you, the comments about her saying, “Minus Jon,” and the like are not what bother me the most.

A week ago I logged on one of those sites to see what they had to say about Kate’s interview with Natalie Morales.  At the time they didn’t have a recap, which I found rather odd, and even thought, “Was it good enough that they have to think hard to tear it apart & that’s what there isn’t a recap,” but then I remember who I was “dealing with“, and I kept reading.  I came up an entry titled “Lies Kate Has Told - Jon Also Lies” which then said, “We were asked last week to put up a thread to list all their lies and con games. This seems a good time.”  Again, I thought it would have legitimate entries.  WRONG!!!!  I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  Actually, I don’t think there’s a word to explain how absurd it was.  The ones I found to be the most ludicrous were:

1. "I am not a quitter."
(Except for my marriage, my parents, most of my siblings, our dogs, old friends, neighbors....)

- Hello!!!!  So, if your husband cheats on you, your friends stab you in the back/sell you out, your family does the same, are you just supposed to say, “OK” and keep them in your life???  As long as you try, you aren’t a quitter.

2. "Real cooks don't follow recipes"...cut to the episode where she's making Monkey Munch and yes, she's following a recipe.

- First of all, isn’t it possible Kate wrote HER recipe down on a piece of paper???  And secondly, if she did use someone else’s recipe, ONCE, that hardly makes her liar.

3. (all of these came from the same delusional person)
   “My kids don't work.”
   “I work hard.”
   “Everything I do is for my kids.”
   "This is your house and come hell or high water we will always live here"

- I’m not exactly sure how any of these qualify as lies.  I can see how there may be an argument about the first one, even though I don’t agree with it, but the other three???

   “I love Jon, I always will.”

- This one is the worst in my opinion.  She obviously doesn’t live in the real world and know that, unfortunately, love isn’t always enough.  I mean… It’s insane to even question this, much less call it a lie.

   "this means daddy and mommy are going to be married forever"

- You know when they said this they meant it. 

   "I can't/don't sleep at night.  I wake up every morning"

- Good Lord!!!  Talk about picking someone words apart & then tearing them apart.  Any REASONABLE person knew exactly what she meant… She sleeps POORLY, and it feels like she hasn’t slept.  Give me a break!!!!  How would YOU like to have every word you say picked apart?  Don’t say, “You aren’t a reality star,” because now you’re put yourself out on the World Wide Web for EVERYONE to see, and that opens you up for criticism, too.  You may have the admins on that site to protect you from people posting there (total hypocrisy), but not on other blogs.  If you can dish it out, you better be able to take it!!!

   “this Christmas we are getting not one but two dogs" (but I get to pick them out, name           them, ignore them and send them back)

- Finally, I don’t know how she figures this one to be a lie, either.  They did get two dogs for Christmas… and yes, Jon & Kate picked them out & named them.  I, personally, don’t think that’s such a terrible thing.  Can you imagine trying to get 8 kids to agree on 2 dogs & 2 names?  As for ignoring them, how does this woman know that’s what was going on?  That’s total speculation, and I think it was actually responsible for them to give the dogs back to the breeder instead of leaving them at the house where they weren’t being given the best care possible. 
Do these people even know what the definition of a lie is?  Well, let me inform them, because we know they read this site.

WEBSTER defines a lie as 1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
2 : to create a false or misleading impression

In all the years I’ve been online, I’ve run across several of these kinds of hate sites, and each time, the same 2 questions immediately pop into my mind… “Do these people have a life?” and “Do they have so much self-hatred that they have to bash others to make themselves feel better?”  I mean, really…  I know I’ve taken a long time with this post, but this is a first for me.  I can’t sleep, and when I saw BabyMama’s post about the hate site, it got me thinking. 

We live in a world where many, many, many horrible things happen every day.  We’re at war in TWO countries.  Less that two weeks ago we have the largest shooting on a domestic military base.  Our fellow Americans who were once successful professionally don’t have roofs over their heads and can’t put food in their children’s mouths.  People who were once able to get jobs easily, can’t even get an interview.  People we all know are dying everyday.  Children are being abused, and I mean TERRIBLY abused, and KILLED everyday, and these people, along with the media have decided to pick this family apart at the seams.  I think back to this past Spring when Jon said, “Our soldiers are dying for our country, and people care what I had for lunch,” or something to that affect while describing how ridiculous the paparazzi was, and as much as people may not like him, I believe that was the best assessment of this entire situation.  I realize we, Americans, have this fascination with celebrity scandals, but to be so mean about it is beyond my comprehension.  I don’t have enough time to get the thing I need to get done each day, so it’s I don’t understand how people can spend so much time on something so incredibly mean and negative.***  Can you imagine if they took all the time they’ve wasted on being ugly and nasty about Gosselin family and used toward goods things how much better the world would be???  And not only for those they’d be helping… for themselves, as well!!!

And that concludes today’s soapbox by Malach!!!

***As someone who has a lot of psychology knowledge I understand that it doesn’t necessarily have to make sense.  It’s my reasonable side that has the problem understanding these actions.

The following two paragraphs were also taken from a post I made on the blog, and explain how I feel and see Jon.

Let me also go on the record and say that I don't think Jon is a bad guy when it comes down to who he honestly & truly is. I absolutely agree that he has made many, many, many poor choices and bad decisions, but that doesn't necessarily make him a bad person. He's a human being, and that happens. Do I think I would make the same decisions? Probably not, but I'm not in his shoes, and there's no telling what is going on in his mind right now. Men and women are different, and most, if not all, of the people who post here are women, so it's hard to see Jon's side. Men react very differently than women, and A LOT of the time, especially when they are not "socially mature", running away is there solution to the problem.

When I look at Jon, I see a guy who's mind & life is complete chaos, and he doesn't know where to go, what to do, who to trust (including himself) & it's spiraled out of control to the point that he is completely... lost, I guess is the best word. It's like he's on a merry-go-round that won't stop, and people keep throwing rocks at him. He can't protect himself, and he can't get off the ride, either.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Climbing a Big Mountain

Since the past few years have been pretty… uhhhhh,… Well, crappy to put it mildly, I’ve decided to set a huge goal for myself, and “climb a mountain.”  Well, a theoretical mountain, anyway!!!  My mountain is going to be to run a marathon… The 2010 Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon. 

Tomorrow the 2009 Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon is being run, and I figure a year is enough time for me to prepare, especially since I haven’t done much of anything for almost 2 1/2 years.  I found a great 26 week program for people who are starting out from absolute scratch at, and I will start it the week after Thanksgiving.  I’m actually going to start walking this week, but because I’ll be driving to Houston and back on Monday and doing some other travelling during the week of Thanksgiving, I think it’s better to start the actual “by the book” training afterwards.

I’m also going to try to start a group for those of us who are completely out of shape & want to do something to get ourselves in better health.  I believe that it will help keep us motivated & accountable.  I can’t imagine that it could hurt.  I’ll definitely keep this blog updated, and I may even add some pics.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I’m Back, Part II


As I stated in my earlier post, A LOT has happened, and I can’t begin to say how great it feels. 

First of all, I am feeling a TON better, and the pain is very much under control.  There are still times that I will feel it, but the new combination of medications is working really, really well.  I did, however, run out of the one extended release medication last week, and I didn’t have it for 3 days.  That left me in excruciating pain for the days I didn’t have it, but I’m all good now.  I had NO CLUE how much that one medication did until I woke up Wednesday morning in so much pain that I couldn’t roll over without breathing like I was in labor & convincing myself that I could do it.  THANK GOD FOR DOCTORS & PAIN MEDICATION!!!

Since the pain has been under control for quite awhile, I have been able to take two short trips.  A month ago my parents & I went to Dallas to see my brother & his wife for a special occasion.  I did pretty well, except for first night, but I think that had a lot to do with my dad’s driving.  My stomach & “guts” were tied in knots from Austin to Dallas, because we were almost in an accident that resulted in me waking up as I was being thrown into the floorboard of the backseat from my dad slamming on the breaks.  In addition to that, my dad has no ability to softly step on the breaks or ease into a stop.  He’s either driving, or “hitting” the breaks.  There’s no in between.  Riding while he’s driving is akin to what I would imagine being inside a washing machine would feel like.  It’s no wonder I always got car sick on our summer vacations. :)

I was also able to see one of my best friends, Katye, and her daughter for their birthdays last weekend.  I went to Corpus Christi on Thursday, Oct 29 (Victoria’s birthday), and stayed until Tuesday, Nov 3.  Katye’s birthday is on Halloween, and we went to a nice party at her in-laws.  Actually, it was a blast considering I haven’t done much, if anything, social in the past 9 months, and it would have been mine & Shay’s 2 year anniversary.  As long as it’s been, it’s still incredibly painful, because of all the unanswered questions.  I was quite proud of myself that it didn’t even occur to me until after 4pm when I was taking my second shower of the day in order to get ready for the party.

Another thing I’ve done is change my hair.  I went dark for the winter, and I LOVE IT!!!  I was also able to get it cut when I was in Corpus, and I’m really happy with it, as well.  I went back to the same cut I got a week after my gallbladder removal, and although I wasn’t really happy with the lady who cut it, I like it.  The ONLY thing she ever said to me was when giving me directions on how to move my head.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never had that happen.  If anything, I often find myself thinking, “When is this person going to shut up?”  But, in the end, I wasn’t paying for someone to talk to, was I?

There are also some new business options I’ve been approached about.  They’re all very exciting, but I just need to decide which one is right for me, and just go for it.  I’m going insane with no work & being cooped up in this house for 9 months.  It’s time for me to start exercising my brain & making money.

I think I’ve covered everything that’s happened, but if I think of more, I’ll add it.  I’ll also post the Halloween photos of the haunted house Tisha & Ron set up in their garage. 


Tragedy in Ft Hood


My last post said I’d be right back after going to the bank, but that obviously didn’t happen.  Unfortunately, I found out about the shootings in Ft Hood at that time, and I was glued to CNN for two days.

I wish I could put into words my feelings about it, because I have so many, and they go “deeper” than the actual shootings.  I believe the media has been extremely irresponsible, and jumped to too many conclusions before knowing the facts, which is extremely angering to me.  For now, though, I will keep my thoughts and prayers focused on everyone who has been impacted by this terrible event.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting.
~ William Arthur Ward

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Back!!!!

WOW!!! What a loooooooong break. Being without a desktop AND laptop for 3 weeks is not something I suggest to anyone. Relying on your Blackberry just doesn't cut it!!!

So much has happened. I don't even know where to begin...

I guess I should start with speed skating. Tomorrow is the first long track world cup of the season, and as I was searching to catch up on who made the US team, etc, I stumbled upon an article about a new "sponsor"... The Colbert Nation!!! To say I love Stephen Colbert is an understatement, so when I saw this it was like... like... like Christmas!!! You can check out the article, and the official announcement in the article, 'The Colbert Report' becomes main sponsor of U.S. Speedskating. If you would like to support the team, feel free to through US Speedskating, or through The Colbert Nation.

What else has happened... that I can share, at least? Oh, my hotmail address that was closed due to fraudulent claims of harassment was opened again. Talk about a nightmare. At first I didn't know what was happening, because I couldn't login through my phone. When I was finally able to get online, I got the message that it was "closed due to breaking the terms of use". Ummmmm, yah... whatever!!! Then, after that, it was one email a day, every other day, and not on weekends, trying to get things straightened out. It's a good thing I have a photographic memory & can remember people's email addresses, or I don't think I would have been able to have it reopened. They ask you crazy questions that you would never know if you didn't have such "talents/abilities". If something like that ever happened to one of my parents, I can guarantee you, they'd never be able to get the email back, but I suppose it's a great thing they don't use free emails. Well, and my dad doesn't use ANY email.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I have to run to the bank!!! I'll be back!!!