Saturday, November 14, 2009

Climbing a Big Mountain

Since the past few years have been pretty… uhhhhh,… Well, crappy to put it mildly, I’ve decided to set a huge goal for myself, and “climb a mountain.”  Well, a theoretical mountain, anyway!!!  My mountain is going to be to run a marathon… The 2010 Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon. 

Tomorrow the 2009 Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon is being run, and I figure a year is enough time for me to prepare, especially since I haven’t done much of anything for almost 2 1/2 years.  I found a great 26 week program for people who are starting out from absolute scratch at, and I will start it the week after Thanksgiving.  I’m actually going to start walking this week, but because I’ll be driving to Houston and back on Monday and doing some other travelling during the week of Thanksgiving, I think it’s better to start the actual “by the book” training afterwards.

I’m also going to try to start a group for those of us who are completely out of shape & want to do something to get ourselves in better health.  I believe that it will help keep us motivated & accountable.  I can’t imagine that it could hurt.  I’ll definitely keep this blog updated, and I may even add some pics.

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  1. Malach, I followed you here from Babymama's site. Good for you on trying a marathon! I had that same thought about a year ago but never got off my butt to follow it through. I am so unorganized with my time and, well, I hate exercise! So obviously that's a big problem to ones motivation. But I wish you luck and hope you accomplish your goal!