Friday, March 20, 2009

First Post!!!

So, I've decided to start, yet, another blog. Hopefully, my severely mentally ill and just plain mean stalkers, cyber bullies and all around cyber terrorists won't find me... just yet, at least. Well, a girl can hope. I feel like I've gone into the online witness protection program. The already ruined my marriage and ran my husband out of the country. It's ridiculous, and I have NEVER even met the main offender. But, if I give them power, then they are happy. At least I KNOW, as do the people who care about me, that their allegations are unwarranted. It's been almost SIX YEARS, and they still haven't come up with one legitimate grievence against me. I mean, who spends that much time on the internet finding out that much personal information about someone's personal life whom they've never met, sends them letters at their parent's home, finds their wedding registry, posts lies about them on someone else's website and doesn't even have enough balls to send their their threatening emails and blog comments with their own IP address and name? I can go up to them IN PERSON, if the situation ever presented itself, and tell them to back off to their face, but that's just the kind of people they are. They've proved it time and time again with the, probably, 1000's of emails they've sent to people threatening them, yet NEVER speaking to anyone in person. WOW, I'm glad I got that off my chest. I had NO IDEA it would be that long, but... OH WELL!!!

Now that I got that craziness out of the way, I can start writing more. I'm really excited to start blogging again, because sooooooooo much has happened, AND I'm on ANOTHER stinking Leave of Absense from work for surgery, and I'm going stir crazy with nothing to do. I'll save that story for later. But, for now, I'm off to shower happy that I finally got this first post out of the way with a layout I'm "almost" happy about.

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