Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Off to Houston & Big Brother

I leave for Houston to see GI specialist number 3 in the morning, so I'm trying to keep nothing but positive thoughts in my head... (and the Big Brother 11 scandal). Yes, I do watch "reality tv". I have to have something remind me that my life "isn't that bad"!!!

As a fan of the show since season 1 & an avid sociology & psychology "student in life", if you will, I have been asked by many friends what I think about what has happened in the past few days. Well, I'll save the BIG POST for when I get back, because I want to make sure it's clear and concise, so I'm not to misinterpreted... at least by the fewest number of people possible.

But, what I will say is this... As an adult, Chima needs to accept responsibility for every single action she took, and every word that came out of her mouth, as does every single other house guest. I absolutely DO NOT agree with the way Russell treated A LOT of the people in the GAME! Yes, people, it is a game, but at least he accepts responsibility for his actions and words, and he has apologized. It will NEVER cease to amaze me the lengths people will go to hurt others.

I was reading the BB Forum last night, and people are actually emailing a former employer of Chima's and threatening to no longer read their website if they continue to employ her and telling them what she's done on the show. First of all, as I stated in the beginning of the sentence, she no longer works there, and hasn't since last year, so that point is mute, but what are the chances that an "entertainment" website in Hollywood wouldn't know what was happening in the Big Brother house? It is the 2nd highest ranked reality show in the US. Plus, as I've often stated before, WHAT ON EARTH WOULD POSSESS SOMEONE TO BUTT THEIR NOSE INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S BUSINESS LIKE THAT? In this instance, particularly, it is clear that Chima has done a fine job of making things pretty bad for herself.

***I can't believe I didn't post this before I left. I guess I accidentally clicked on the wrong button and only saved it. That's why it's just now showing> Oooopsie!!!

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