Thursday, April 16, 2009

Help Get Funding for the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act

Today, John Walsh was on Oprah. He was talking about FINALLY naming the killer of his son, Adam, 27 years ago, and asking for help to fund the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act that will expire on July 25, 2009. If you click on the name of the act, you can get a idea of what the act does. In short, it creates a national sexual offender registry (which does not exist at this time), and "instructs each state and territory to apply identical criteria for posting offender data on the Internet (i.e., offender's name, address, date of birth, place of employment, photograph, etc.)" It also makes it a felony, instead of a misdemeanor, for sex offenders to NOT register. In the words of John Walsh, "Wouldn't it be nice for the women and children in your life to know if your neighbor is a sex offender???"

For me, this is a cause close to my heart, both professionally and personally. If you feel it's important, PLEASE, take the time to print out the letter and send it to your senator and house represenative here.

Thanks everyone, and in the words of Ghandi, "Be the change you want to see in the world."


  1. "In the words of John Walsh, "Wouldn't it be nice for the women and children in your life to know if your neighbor is a sex offender??"
    The government cannot PROTECT your child!
    My son is a sex offender and is REGISTERED as a sex offender for an act he and his girlfriend participated in!
    If my son and EVERYONE on the registry raped and molested children and women, than I say YES to John Walsh, but this is NOT the case!
    Young lovers and consensual teens should NOT be on the registry and the registry is diluted with offender's such as my son.
    Until the registry is restored to its true intent, the registry is WORTHLESS! My son only protects the predators on the registry!
    Mark Lunsford's son isn't on the registry for HIS crime because of his father! His son is not any better than MY son, BUT, my son did not have the Lunsford name.
    I thought the registry was for the wicked and the sick, but it is not.
    Until it happens to YOU, until the shoe is on the other foot, until you are sick to your stomach, knowing your child is on the registry with the worst of the worst, you have no idea!
    My son and many like him pay for the crimes of the John Couey's of the world.
    You cannot BUY laws to protect children!
    PARENTS must protect their children!

  2. SO, since your son has to suffer, there should be no law at all?

    I agree that the law probably needs to be BETTER, but I would personally have a law be too strict rather than not strict enough.

    I am a survivor of both sexual abuse AND rape. There's no way to tell if a law like this could have protected me, but I surely wouldn't wish ANYONE, much less a child go through what I went through, simply because you don't believe what your son and his girlfriend did deserves to fall under the "sexual offender" code.

    Instead of being angry about THIS particular law/code/act, why not seek to change the law you seem to believe unfair, or raise awareness about the law, so other people in relationships like your son & his girlfriend know what they are doing is against the law?

    Not one more child should suffer, because we don't have enough money to fund a national registry, or because rapists and sexual abusers get less punishment than someone who commits a crime that is far less volitile.

    I can appreciate that you are upset about what your son is going through, but from what little you've said, it sounds like he did it. Think about how you might feel if someone sexually abused him, or raped him when Adam's Law could have prevented that.