Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another FB Quiz

Since I am bored and can't sleep, I've been taking some more quizzes on Facebook. The latest one is called "Who are you... really?"

So, I took the quiz, and this is what I got....


You constantly analyze the deeper meaning of all that occurs in your life. You are on a never-ending journey to find your purpose in life. You are able to see through the surface of situations and the facades that people often carry. You are observant and non-judgmental. Your creative and thoughtful mind enhances your chosen and natural talents. You feel deeply and passionately about everything that you do. Your life is about the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and answers. You have a great depth to your heart and mind that some may find intimidating and others will be drawn to.

It makes A LOT of sense. I am ALWAYS over analyzing things, which isn't always a good thing. My good friend, Andrew, can attest to that, but he's far worse about it than I. Well, it's WAY past my bedtime. I'm only up this late, because I received a phone call from Israel & had to work on my sister-in-law's up coming baby shower I'm hosting. I'm so excited that I can hardly wait. Did I also mention that I strayed from BRAT diet, and I had 2 breakfast tacos this morning, and I've been paying for it with pain under my right scapula and ribs since about 1230 this afternoon???? Oh, if I could go back & do it over again.... I would keep my gallbladder. And with that, I'm off!!!

Yalla, bye!!!

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