Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I love Twitter!!! I've written several posts about this, but have yet to post one of them. Soon, I will post my "Top Ten" Reasons for loving it, although there are many... MANY more. But, one of them is the number of quotes I get in just one day. It's amazing. Most of them are things I've heard before, or very simple, although, sometimes some of the most simple are the most profound, but every once and awhile, I see one that really means something to me, gives me goosebumps... leaves me speechless.

This first one doesn't really fall into any of the categories I explained above, but it is one of my absolute favorites. It is, however, something I strongly believe in, while I also believe that you have to learn to pick your battles. It's amazing how much you learn as you age. I've always been told, "You're very mature for your age and very wise," and hung out with women much older than myself, so I guess that's where I got it. I can also remember being 25 and telling a 40-something year old man I worked with, "I've already figured out I don't know anything, and my parents know everything." He said, "Well, my friend, you're the smartest 25 year old I've ever met." Unfortunately, it took a horrible boyfriend who took everything I owned from me, except my car, thanks to my dad disabling it, for me to learn that lesson. But, other than that, I think the other two most important lessons (for living life, at least) I've learned are that finding balance in EVERYTHING is imperative, and that "forgiveness is a gift you give yourself." (Suzanne Somers) By holding a grudge and not forgiving, the only person you're really hurting, is yourself. Sure, there are exceptions to that theory, but more often than not, if you are that angry at someone for a legitimate reason, they don't care one flying flip!!! So, let it go!!!! The best revenge is to go on and live a happy, constructive and successful life!

Never, "for the sake of peace and quiet," deny your own experience or convictions.
~ Dag Hammarskjold

A time comes when silence is betrayal.
~Martin Luther King Jr.

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.
~ Lewis B. Smedes

You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.
~ Indira Gandhi

Forgiveness begins where blame ends.
~ Leo Bucaglia

All blame is a waste/time. No matter how much fault you find with another,and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you.
~ D. Dy

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
~ Plato

You have to give up all your excuses. 99% of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.
~ George W Carver

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

~ John Wooden

Winners never quit and quitters never win.
~ Vince Lombardi

We don't have to be friends, but we don't have to be enemies.
~ Teri Willingham
(my super duper good friend who ALWAYS cracks me up & can put me in a good mood NO MATTER WHAT)

This next one, I REALLY need to try to put into action, is something a friend told me several years ago. Funny guy, that Kip, eh? Oh, and much props to him & his speedskating team, SWIFT Speedskating. As I told a mutual friend a few months ago, Kip is far too talented & knows way too much about the sport to not still be involved. Good for him. I'm just a "tad" jealous (in a good way, tho) that he beat me to the punch with the first REAL US team that works like pro teams in the Netherlands. I wish he and Inge the best in EVERYTHING they do. No matter what it is, I know it will be successful!!!

Don't think, Tex. That's what I do, and it works.
~Kip Carpenter

I believe that peace will start with the children, and that if we can get the children to lose the hate we can get the world to stop hating. And with that, we can make the world a much better place.
~ Greg Smith, who entered college at age 10

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.
~ Anne Frank

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.
~ Unknown

Don't let the darkness of the past cover the brightness of the future.
~ Unknown

I think that's enough for today.

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