Monday, July 6, 2009


I know I've been slacking on my blog lately, but I've been away from home for a week with my Blackberry as my only access to the internet. Unfortunately, I can only post blogs about 15% of the time from there, so I didn't even try. It's too frustrating when I can't make it work after I have a really good post. Call it the perfectionist in me.

This week, I know I'm going to be in A LOT of pain, which equals more pain killers, which means me being A LOT more out of it, so I want to post the following quote to inspire me. If there's one thing that really, really irritates me, it's when someone simply "doesn't try", so I need to hold myself to the same standard.

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

**I realize this quote doesn't fit "exactly" what I was talking about, but I NEED to keep the thought "try something" in mind.

By the way, I've already taken some pain killers which may account for the "misconnect" on my thinking with the quote!!! ;)

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