Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm on fire

The one that comes to mind is, most recently, when I sat in the doctor's office for TWO HOURS, 1 1/2 hours of which was in the exam room w/o anyone checking on me. It didn't help that this was 7 days after I'd had surgery, and I'd called the previous three days of the week complaining of excruciating pain and the doctor had not called me back once. When I FINALLY went out in the hall to ask if she was going to see me any time soon, I was treated as if I was asking too much & something were wrong with ME!!! Needless to say, I left after telling them how I felt about being treated like crap ever since I'd started seeing this doctor, which I had been warned about, but since my dad had never had this problem with the dr, I didn't listen.

Anyway, I was so angry that I started crying, and I NEVER heard a word from anyone in the doctor's office until it was time for my originally scheduled post-op visit 4 weeks out that I told them to cancel when I was telling them how upset I was, which tells me how well they were listening. By the way, when this was happening, I could barely stand up, and no responsible medical care provider should have let me leave there to drive myself, but not only did they do that, but they didn't say one word... not even, "We're sorry you feel that way," which I would have gotten had I complained at a McDonald's or Taco Bell, which are considered the "bottom of the barrell" when it comes to restaurants. Honestly, I can't believe this woman is allowed to practice medicine in the United States. I could have died in that exam room, and no one would have known for at least two hours, and no one in their office cared for a second about it. To me, that speaks mountains about how they feel about their patients, and when I was in EMT/Paramedic school, one of the first things they taught us was, "You ALWAYS treat your patients the way you would want your loved ones to be treated." If that they way these people care for their loved ones, I'd hate for them to love me, much less be "just another client who pays the bills".

As I was sitting in my car trying to calm down and talking to my mother I saw a big rock, about the size of a baseball, on the ground. It looked so tempting. I wondered, "If I get out my car and throw the rock through the window, will the doctor see me then?" As soon as the thought came, it left. That just isn't something I would do. Just thinking about doing something like that isn't something I do, so I guess it tells you how ON FIRED I was!!! I can even feel my blood pressure rising just a bit as I write this. ;)

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